Leveraging Location Based Marketing – How Foursquare Is Relocating the best Direction

Leveraging Location Based Marketing – How Foursquare Is Relocating the best Direction

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Location based services have the possibility is the newest factor. They stand in the intersection of “local” “social” and “mobile.” Three of the very most hot “topics” in marketing at this time.

But what am i saying for consumers and real companies, exactly what do these fancy marketing buzz words need to do you with both you and your business? The truth is, these location services have real possibility to help drive having to pay customers into physical companies, and here is how.

Foursquare founder Dennis Crowley lately designed a comment that shows Foursquare is finally beginning to understand the actual worth of location based marketing is and the way to drive users onto location based services.

“I believe it is a latest version from the loyalty card that we are building. You get into a sandwich shop, for each ten occasions you are available in you receive a free sandwich. We are doing that for those companies.”

You are most likely thinking – here it is? Loyalty cards? The truth is, loyalty cards are simply the beginning. The founding father of Foursquare is finally realizing the real potential of those location services.

This really is great to listen to in the Foursquare team – they’re finally embracing Foursquare like a location based marketing platform and realizing the actual value for consumers and also the real possibility of the website is in an effort to bring coupons and promotions to users. The best way to make location services go mainstream is perfect for users to determine the worth in making use of them – particularly in “offering” their whereabouts – isn’t just for any digital badge but is really real.

Foursquare also lately required another step that shows how location services may bring users to the platform and demonstrate to them that there’s value in making use of location services. Gap, that has labored with Foursquare previously, really incorporated a “get Foursquare” link on a single of the advertisements – informing customers that they have to get onto Foursquare to be able to connect to the deal.

This is a great method for Foursquare to obtain more mainstream publicity also to drive users onto location based marketing platforms. I anticipate seeing a much more deals such as this later on as other retailers realize that they must obtain customers onto these LBM platforms. LBM is really a effective tool they are driving sales and make customer loyalty – the greatest challenge is simply to obtain users to the platform. Using integrated advertising such as this Gap ad happens for location based services.

These two moves reveal that Foursquare is beginning to help make the right moves and obtain within the correct mindset – they do know the real way forward for location based services is popping these apps from the game right into a location based marketing platform. That’s how companies can monetize their social networking presence, drive sales, and get new clients.

Location based marketing has become the norm today. More than searching for things and information far and wide, customers are looking for information that is location based and specific. You can trust Singtel Media to provide such marketing solutions for your business.

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