How to make each business meeting a success?

How to make each business meeting a success?

How to make each business meeting a success?

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Conducting a business meeting has never been a piece of cake. We often overlook the core aspects of conducting a meeting and most importantly making it successful. Without human interaction, no meeting can be a success.

Getting a few people to sit in a meeting room is the real challenge. The one who is arranging a meeting knows what the catch is. Meetings are one of the core factors that play a vital role in improving a company’s productivity. Tons of meeting lack the basic preparation. There are less or no follow-ups and most of the employees are zoning out mostly because they don’t find the typical problems of the organization interesting anymore.

70% of the meetings reported have been unproductive. This isn’t a good sign. During the busiest week, the last thing the manager needs is an hour waster all because of an unproductive meeting. Managers make sure that every minute of the meeting proves worthy. In a survey conducted by, almost 47 percent of workers have shared that the biggest thing that wastes their time during the work hours is attending meetings that are unnecessary and occur too frequently.  What can you do to make a meeting productive and captivating? Read on further to find out.

It’s only the matter of conducting them right and every meeting can be productive. One can achieve a lot from a meeting held with a proper schedule. It also helps in accomplishing more in a short time. Here are some secrets that will give you a clearer picture of how you can make your meetings more productive:

Understand schedules and behaviors of employees

Conducting a meeting means taking away a portion of time from the working hours of your employees. Often, it breaks the tempo of the employee thus resulting in a decreased productivity. You need to consider the workloads for the week of every employee so you can get straight to the point in the meeting and no one feels their time is being wasted.

Make visuals to communicate easily

During the meeting, whether it is for an hour or for 15 minutes, always make use of visuals in your presentation and lay down the points made by the team. By making charts, diagrams and maps, you can graphically represent the ideas and concepts that you and your team has come up with. You can prepare things beforehand and also jot some of them down during the discussion. Do create diagrams to identify problems and their causes so that you can come up with suitable solutions as well. Use diagrams such as Gantt charts, flowcharts, SWOT analyses and etc. Visual communication is always beneficial since it make it easier to convey your message.

Assign responsibilities

The big fishes in the market such as Google and Apple have always been able to conduct productive meetings. How come? It’s because they have assigned every employee attending the meeting with a responsibility. When employees report on the assigned accomplishments that means they are delivering something informative during the meeting. This clearly means that your time isn’t wasted and every minute of the meeting you have been forwarding and listening to is something useful.

Reduce the timing

It is definitely a struggle to stay up during a three-hour long meeting. Ask yourself, wouldn’t it be boring? Reducing the time of the meeting and the number of meetings too will give you more time to be productive. If you think your message can be conveyed simply by sending an email or sharing information through some other medium then go for it. Don’t conduct meetings for minor things that can be conveyed via written communication.

Valued culture

Make sure your company has a culture of considering meetings valuable and respected. If you have scheduled a meeting for a specific time and still you are allowing your employees to arrive late or unprepared then you are sending out a message that the meeting is not so important. Be punctual yourself and make sure others are punctual too.

Advanced agenda

Send out an agenda for the meeting prepared before the time so that all the employees can prepare themselves. Making a meeting action-oriented is how you can make it successful. You can even assign specific times for each topic so that everything remains on track.

Make sure all the meeting participants are taking notes. Close the door once the time of the meeting starts so that the latecomers get a lesson for the next time. Once you’ll start acting upon all of these tips, your meetings will become productive and successful than before.

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