Ethernet Internet Service Package

A lot of companies are actually relying and with respect to the utilization of internet. It is because Internet offers and delivers services rich in-quality, high-speed connections for businesses or perhaps those who depends on the web for critical applications. All you need to do is just plug the switch of router in to the RJ-45 Ethernet connector that the company have installed. Immediately, you’re attached to the Internet at broadband speeds. Ethernet Internet uses exactly the same protocol that operates on Lan connection.

Nowadays, you will find types of internet broadband access through DSL, Cable Internet, Wireless ISPs, or T1 lines. There are lots of providers that provide an extensive suite of Internet options, not just traditional connections (TDM) from T1 to OC48 but additionally Ethernet connections from 10 Mbps ports to 10 Gbps ports. Internet Services (EIS) transport Access to the internet more than a full-duplex Ethernet connection. With Ethernet Web connection, you will get the opportunity to cheaply connect your network to the web utilizing a familiar technology. And that’s why, it is simple to expand to satisfy your company’s growing bandwidth needs.

Ethernet Internet can be obtained through this particular service package:

Ethernet – 2M to 10M in 2M increments

Fast Ethernet* – 2M to 100Mbps in 2M increments as much as 10M, then 5M increments as much as 100M

Gigabit Ethernet* – 50M to 1000M in 10M increments to 100M, 25M increments to 250M, 50M increments to 1000M

10 Gigabit Ethernet* – ICB Only – 1000M to 10,000M in 1000M increments

As repeater driven, meaning – signal is digitally reestablished every 6000 ft, Ethernet Online sites can be obtained several miles from telephone central offices.

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